Warning! Female Content! Also includes ranting and complaining! Be warned!

Since I got my IUD, I’ve been having cramps before my period arrives. I never really used to have cramps before. But this time the cramps came straight from Muspelheim. It feels like Surtr himself stabbed me with his sword. They’ve never been this bad, and my uterus has never been this swollen. The pain has increased from a nuisance to really bad, and the swelling is quite noticeable.

Not even the day after giving birth to Lilith by C-section was close to this bad. The only comparison I can make to previous experiences, was the night after my first back surgery, when I had 5 doses of Morphine, and it still didn’t take. I’m walking around bent over when I do walk. Laughing hurts, sneezing hurts, coughing hurts, and I have a cold!

Since this is a sudden, and unexpected change, I’m calling my GP tomorrow. If nothing else, the IUD may have moved. As for the Big Fat Cat, it wasn’t for chasing any mice that might be in our house. It was for placing on my belly, to sooth the pain.

Update January 23: I called the doctor’s office today, and I’ve got an appointment for Wednesday, to check things out. And while we’re on the subject of cats, here are a few I drew once:

Kitten with a Ball of Yarn by svehex on DeviantArt

Alley Cat by svehex on DeviantArt

Kitten in a Basket by svehex on DeviantArt

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