Did you know that stubbornness can actually be a good thing?

You might prefer to use the word determination, or maybe tenacity, but stubbornness is good in most cases.

Some examples when stubbornness is good to have

Setting boundaries – When setting boundaries for yourself or other people, you need to be pretty stubborn to make them stick.

Exercise – Familiar subject? Keeping it up is definitely not easy. I know that first hand, and I’m sure you do too.

Learning – Whether it’s a craft, a subject, a profession, dancing, or playing an instrument you’re trying to learn, you need to be stubborn to keep going even though it isn’t easy.

Running a business – Now, we all know you need to be stubborn to go for what you want and get it. To keep going when others tell you you’re nuts.

So stubbornness is good!

I wouldn’t be where I am or going where I’m going if I wasn’t stubborn. Tweet this! <-Tweet this

I know I have more than I need of that myself, but there are lots of people, especially women, who could really use a big dose of stubborn in some situations.

This is especially in those situations when they let other people’s opinions and whims get in the way of their own essential needs.

I made the painting in the picture, a Donkey in a meadow, because I wanted to create an amulet art piece for stubbornness (or determination if you prefer a more socially accepted term). It’ still the smallest acrylic painting I’ve ever made.

So are you stubborn?

Leave your reply to that in the comments.


  1. Sibylle

    Oh absolutely, I like to think my stubbornness serves me well at times 🙂


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