On Sunday I looked everywhere, and couldn’t find my padlock and chain from my old moped. I think the Vættr have been at it again. What was even stranger, is that they returned all these things on the same day

The items returned

The items returned were the manual for my Sony CyberShot, my fur tails, a large piece of Thulite, a totem pole incense holder I got as a gift, my vases, my crystals, an old compass I got from my dad, and a leather pouch with a reindeer on it. They also returned an oil diffuser, which isn’t in this picture. Some of these items have been lost for years, the crystals have been lost since we moved in in 2006. I have looked thoroughly in the locations where I found them. Even emptying the boxes. Sunday night I went out for a short session with the Moon, and brought along some sweet apple wine and sweets for the Vættr, to thank them for returning the items. I hope that encourages them to return the padlock and chain. Otherwise, I’ll have to buy a new one. I need to be able to lock that moped down when leaving it.


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