Today, I want to show you some autumn photos from this area. Mainly to make it easy for me to post today. It’s the time of year when I feel like hibernating and this year, I sort of will.

I’ve decided that I have to take October off because of pain and fatigue. Don’t worry, this is a chronic issue and it gets worse at this time every year, because of the colder weather, leading to fatigue. I get totally drained of energy by this and can only manage a minimum of tasks each day.

In the past, I’ve pushed through or shifted priorities in a way that’s meant it didn’t show as much in my business. This year though, I choose to prioritize art, crafts & family. It’s the month of my daughter’s birthday and I want to conserve my energy for the preparations, my art, and some crafts.

I will post on Instagram and once a week on the blog but I won’t post manually anywhere else, including YouTube. Ok, I’ll probably post on my facebook profile 😀

This will pass when my body gets used to the shift to winter

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