I had my first real big fall in years tonight. I didn’t climb a wall, and I didn’t go to pieces. I was climbing down from Lilith’s bed, to follow her to the toilet. As usual, I put my left foot on the table that’s attached to the bed. This time the table decided to jump out of its tracks, so I took a fall. I landed with all of my 83 kg /183 lbs on my left elbow, which sent a pretty good shock up to my left shoulder. I hope I didn’t do more damage to it.

So far, I’ve only noticed a small increase in the pain and a graze on my elbow. No blood, no broken bones, and I’m not freaked out. I don’t scare easily. I’m also glad I didn’t scare Lilith when I fell. Right now, after finally getting Lilith to sleep, I’ve planted myself in front of the laptop and the TV (CSI: NY) with a glass of white wine. I’m annoyed that it had to affect my worst shoulder, hoping I’ll get to sleep tonight, and wondering what I’ll be able to do tomorrow. What’s your most recent accident at home?

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