To me, knitting ‘normal’ mitten patterns is really boring. I don’t knit mittens often but when I do, I have fun with it 🙂 This is what I do to make knitting mittens for my daughter more fun, and also a bit more of a challenge.

Don’t know if you feel the same way about it. If you do,  you might as well make it fun. It shows the kids that it’s ok to make up your own thing too. 

How I make the pattern

The first thing I do is draw an outline of a mitten on a piece of paper. Then I have my daughter colour it in any way she wants. This is her latest creation.

I estimate how many stitches and rows I need and then create a pattern similar to cross stitch patterns on a piece of paper or on the computer. Because it’s impossible to predict everything about these kinds of projects, I usually have to adapt as I go.

This is the finished result

I had to embroider the small dots or it wouldn’t hold together. I also didn’t add all of the dots and none on the inside.

These are some other mittens and similar things I’ve done

(The ones that have blog posts are linked to the post)

Have you tried making your own pattern for something?

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