I’ve decided to let the painting I was working on rest for a while because. There are many more layers to go, and my intuition is telling me that its’ smarter to do something else for a while.

I had this idea of a city landscape with a bubble containing a different landscape, as a reminder to find your happy place. The process of the cityscape got boring, and when I get bored, it’s not smart to continue. At least not with a painting. It’s better for me, and for the artwork to do something different. Like this leaf.

Autumn Leaf

This is where the city scape it at right now. I’ve blocked in some colours and that’s about it. I was thinking to make the cityscape more abstract, using a painting knife to finish it off, to see how that turns out.

How to know when to quit, pause or push it

I know about perspective, proportions, shadows and light, colour theory and those things. But I have this image in my mind of how I want it to turn out, and sometimes the mental image doesn’t translate onto the surface. That can get very frustrating and when you’ve tried enough to get it right without it translating, you have to make your mind up about what you’re going to do.

I bet you’ve had times when it was better to put something on the shelf for a while. Either because you weren’t ready to finish it, or the time wasn’t right for it.


Other times I choose to push through, to keep going no matter what, because I know that it has to get done to get what I want. Like editing every single page and post on the new site 🙂

Do you quit, pause, or push?

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I love the result, and the push was worth it. I had been excited about the launch for three months and because I did the work thoroughly, everything went smoothly. Something I was very grateful for.

I’m a very stubborn person, so I rarely quit. I usually finish what I start. When I do quit, it’s because there’s no point in continuing or my intuition tells me to stop. It won’t lead anywhere good.

Do you push through, press pause, or quit?

How do you know when to do what?

PS. If you haven’t checked out the new site, have a good look around.


  1. Mandy Evans

    Hi Linda,

    Great new website – looks wonderful.

    I have been doing a 10 painting challenge (a series of western australian wildflowers) – and have found myself back in the studio with a brand new vigour.

    I think that the major hurdle for me has been ‘starting’. Once I begin, hours can go by unnoticed – but it usually takes most of the day to get in the studio.

    So I am trying ‘consistancy’ and no matter how i feel will go in the studio and do at least 30 minutes a day….which has been working really well because it usually turns into hours

    Hope you are having a great day

    • Linda Ursin

      Thanks Mandy 🙂 Sounds like a fun project. Good to hear you’re establishing a regular studio habit.


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