A lot of us women look for how to get things done easier and faster, so we’ll have more time to do the things we love. We’d love for the vacuum cleaner to go around on its own, the dishes to do themselves, and the washing machine to dry and fold as well. The simple answer is to stop multi-tasking! Women are chronic multi-taskers, and we need to reprogram ourselves so we’re able to finish what we start sooner.

Multi-tasking actually makes everything take longer. If you’re multi-tasking, and you get distracted by a call, your kids, or something else, it’s very easy to lose track of what you were doing. We all have those distractions. But avoiding multi-tasking actually makes it lot easier to get back on track. You’re more in control of what you’re doing at any given time, and it’s easier to remember where you left off.

Start by turning off your notifications, set Skype to busy, close facebook and your email. If you have problems getting off Facebook (or similar websites), there’s a website called Keep Me Out. It keeps you off any site you set it to, for the amount of time you need. After the time is up, you’re let back in again.

How do you feel about doing it like this? Do you have other suggestions?

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