In this episode, I’ll talk about how to get creative ideas and what to do with them once you have them. I’m also going to give you a creative prompt, something you can do easily and in a short amount of time, to get some creative play into your day.

A small caution might be in order. If you’re sensitive to language, I must warn you that the occasional swear word might slip through the cracks when I edit. That might happen if I’m talking about something I’m particularly passionate about.

11 - How to get creative ideas and what to do with them

by Linda Ursin | Creative Explorer Podcast

Show Notes

I’m not planning any specific creative work this week, except for a couple of coaching sessions, because of the challenge. The podcast will be slightly different until the challenge is over, in that I’m not making plans for what to create and following along with the prompts of the creativity challenge instead. I’m doing this to show that I’m doing it too. if you want to see those, you’ll have to go to the Creative Explorers group.

How to get creative ideas and what to do with them

There are several ways to get new ideas when you’ve hit a dry spell. Here are just ten examples you can try. Some of them might surprise you.

  • Get enough sleep is the first one. If you’re worn out and sleep deprived, your brain is not working properly.
  • Go for a walk in Nature. Nature has many interesting shapes and patterns that trigger ideas. Bring a camera along to snap some pictures of the interesting things you see, so you can use them later.
  • Free-writing has been used by many people to shake things loose. Just write without making any corrections, even if you have to write “I don’t know what to write”. Suddenly you’ll get a spark, or remember something you can use.
  • Read a book. It takes you into a different world for a while, and you may come back with some good ideas.
  • Try something you’ve never done. Trying something new really gets those synapses firing.
  • Create when you’re at your best. We all have a time in the day when we’re more creative and productive. Use it to your advantage.
  • Switch up your daily routine. Changing your habits challenges your brain to figure out this new pattern.
  • To step away from technology for a few hours is always a good idea.
  • Play with your kids, or ask them for ideas.
  • Doodling can also bring up interesting ideas and patterns you can use for your creations.

Losing a good idea sucks, so make sure you take notes when you come up with an idea you like.

A woman asked me what to do with all those creative ideas, once you have them. How to bring them to life. The answer might sound really simple, but I know it isn’t.

First you have to get over that fear of failure that keeps you from starting. Failing means you’re learning and what is a failure is really defined by you. So try to get over that fear of failure and just get started.

Make the perfectionist determining success from failure shut up for a while, so you can create in peace. The best way to do this is to ignore it on a regular basis and just get going.

Then you have to make room for it. Set aside a couple of minutes and just start, even if it’s a tiny, tiny baby step. Just start something, you’ll be glad you did. You can’t get to the finish without starting.

Please stop by the post with the show notes and leave a comment stating what you are determined to start today. I’ll help keep you accountable.

Today’s inspirational words are by Carrie Brummer, and she said “Find something shiny and exciting and start to play. You deserve your creativity and so do we”. If you want to read her blog post where the quote came from, you’ll find the link in the show notes.

Find something shiny and exciting and start to play. You deserve your creativity and so do we - Carrie Brummer

Today’s creative prompt is to play. Find some material and play with it. I’d love to see what you create, so if you’d post it in the Creative Explorers group, I’d be very grateful.

If you want to talk to me about anything blocking your creativity, or just to get to know me, book yourself a Virtual Cup of Tea. You’ll find the link in the show notes.

That’s it for me for today. Thanks for listening to the Creative Explorer Podcast. The next episode will, among other things, be about why you need hang out with other creatives. If you have any questions, just reach out to me at Remember to rate and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.


  1. Sibylle

    I agree especially with the point on sleep! Sadly, I have first-hand experience of how chronic lack of sleep can suck the life – and any spark of creativity – out of you.

    • Linda Ursin

      Yes, I know you do. I hope the sleep fairy helps a little. I haven’t been sleeping too good the last few days, maybe it’s because of the Moon? Either way, I haven’t gotten much creating done. I’ve had a nap now, so I’m sure I’ll get some done today.

  2. Jessica

    I so appreciate that you talk about what to do with the creative ideas. I have a TON of them, it’s the next step – implementation – that always stops me. The part about perfectionism rang SO true for me. Thank you <3

    • Linda Ursin

      Thanks Jessica 🙂 If you need some help, let’s talk

  3. Reba Linker

    The one that resonated most for me was to keep a notebook handy and write them down when they come. I can’t agree more! I wonder, how many ideas have I lost, thinking, “oh, this one is so great I’ll easily remember it!” Lol. Thanks for some great ideas, xox, Reba

  4. Linda Ursin

    Thanks Reba. That one is one that’s easy to forget too, and you regret it afterwards.

  5. Denise

    Thank you! I like the quote about finding something shiny. And the notebook. Lord knows, I have plenty of notebooks.

    • Linda Ursin

      Thanks 🙂 Most of us gather a bunch of those 🙂


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