At this time of year, it’s very traditional, at least for us Swedes, to decorate eggs. I don’t celebrate Easter, but I do paint eggs. Since I paint eggs with my daughter, and I’m very busy with the creativity challenge, I don’t take it too far. I don’t want toxic stuff on my eggs either.

But there are a lot of ways to do fun egg decorations when you’re not going to eat them afterwards. Here are a few ways you can do abstract egg decoration, using things you have around the house.

Silk Dye Eggs

Nailpolish Marbled Eggs

Ink Stamped Eggs

Colorful Eggs with Rubber Bands

Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

Now have some fun with your eggs this weekend 🙂

If you haven’t joined the April Creativity Challenge, there’s still time. Join today, and start where you are.

There’s no pressure to catch up.

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