If you want to be able to create anything.

If you want to be able to learn how to make something.

If you want to succeed at making that thing.

There is something you need to be willing to do.

One of my friends and followers said this to me earlier this week:

“Damn you can do just about anything, can’t you?”

While I am multi-passionate and I do a multitude of crafts and art forms and other things, I’m not really that different. It boils down to being willing to try.

You have to be willing to try

You have to be willing to try something new if you are going to be able to do that thing that you want to be able to do well.

I try lots of new things all the time. I love variety so it’s part of what drives me. I thrive on trying new things. And on the occasions when the results are less than great, I shake it off and try again.

You have to be willing to fail

You can’t be so afraid of failure that it keeps you from trying. It can’t be this huge thing if the result isn’t perfect.

I switched zippers on two jackets this week. Something I haven’t done that since before Google came online, and back then it was the first time I ever did it.

So they don’t look perfect but the zippers will stay on those jackets. The zippers work. and my husband and daughter were wearing those jackets that same day. Something they couldn’t do before I fixed them.

Done is better than perfect, at least in my book

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