I didn’t have the advantage of learning about Nature from my mother or grandmothers, but I try to teach my daughter as much as I can about the things she won’t learn in school. One such example is herbs.  I want her to have the knowledge I have, so she can use it later. I’ve started teaching her what plants are poisonous by mentioning it when we see them. I also mention the uses of plants when we come across them, and if Lilith asks of course.

Earlier this summer I asked her if she’d like to learn more about them, and she very enthusiastically said ‘Yes‘. A friend and I have started doing what we call ‘Nature School‘, to teach our daughters what we know, and to give them another angle on things. It all started with one of the daycare women trying to teach them creationism. Fortunately, Lilith didn’t bite. So far we’ve brought up the lunar phases, how trees work, the water cycle, and now we’re working on evolution. Later this year we’ll be harvesting berries and using them for jam and syrup.

How do you teach your children about Nature?

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