As you may have noticed, I’ve been having hosting issues again. I hoped Justhost wouldn’t repeat every problem Supergreenhosting ever had, but they have (almost). Even though they called me in person and promised to do better.

It started with the sites being down for a whole day because they were moving to new servers. Which they didn’t let me know of in advance. SGH struggled with overload, which made the server go down repeatedly, I haven’t had that problem, but that’s the only one. Then there was the SSL certificate. After they moved me onto their new server, it was working fine, then it stopped.

I was forced to send them more than one message before they asked me for the CA-bundle and certificate again. This has since happened two more times, and both times they were unable to locate the old cases/issues and files in whatever they use for documentation. So I had to send them the files and instructions again.

In the process, they managed to claim that I didn’t have a certificate at all, and then add it to the wrong domain, before finally getting it right. Just like SGH did.

I work support, and I have for years. I know it isn’t that hard to find stuff! Today they shut me down (suspended my account), just as SGH did, for a hung process. Instead of just killing the process. When I asked for information about what had gone wrong, which file was the cause, what the code problem I was supposed to fix was, they had no answer. Just as SGH did.

After a lot of back and forth, they reopened my account, after I again told them that I have optimized my sites according to the advice of the experts. I know you can read some of this from Linux logs. I’ve done it. But they apparently can’t, and I don’t have root access.

I know this stuff runs fine on an old Pentium 4, it did for years, so it can’t be that resource demanding. I used to run all the same sites from my living room, but my upload speed isn’t good enough for that.

I’m going over the top providers out there, but I’m hard pressed to find one which can provide what I need, at a price I can afford. The only ones I find seem to have the same overload problems and CPU usage policy as I’ve experienced with SGH/Justhost. Or they don’t allow you to use your own SSL, SSH, static IP.

All the Norwegian ones want you to buy VPS or dedicated to get the storage I need, which is way too expensive. So I’m asking all my techie friends out there if anyone has a VPS or dedicated server I can use, or a server room where I can set up my own. If you don’t know of one, maybe you know of a web host with great service, unlimited storage, databases and bandwidth, that’s affordable. Help me out here! My business depends on the uptime of my sites.

PS. If you’re wondering what I need, here it is:

I have:
2 sites running on Joomla 1.5.25 (will probably be moved to Joomla 1.7, or WP and PmWiki)
1 site running on WordPress 3.3.1
1 site running PmWiki 2.2.35
1 site running phpBB3 (will upgrade)
1 site running Zen Cart v1.3.9h
2 Email addresses
13 Email forwarders
1 top domain (.com)
1 parked domain (.no)
2 addon domains (.no)
6 subdomains
15 MySQL databases (will increase)
150 GB of data, not including cache (will increase)
I would prefer:
To manage my settings
SSH access
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited disk space (and inodes)
Enough MySQL databases
To use my own certificate for SSL
At least one static IP address
24/7/365 support (if it’s a web host)
Free transfer of the one domain hosted with Justhost
Update on the hosting issues: Both Justhost and Supergreenhosting are owned by EIG. All of their hosting companies have the same issues; overcrowding old hardware and lousy support. If you want a reliable host, go for Siteground. Several of my web admin and design clients use it and are happy with it. I now have a private host

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