Now I’m not in that much pain after surgery on Tuesday, but I wanted to write this post anyway. As many of you might know, I have a couple of chronic pain issues, and since I know some of you do too, this is for you. This is actually where I first got into herbs, it’s the very first thing I started learning about. I started looking into it because I had started getting pains in my finger joints, and my doctor didn’t give a <bleep>.

I also didn’t have any money to buy meds, and I have a high threshold for pain meds (always have), which makes over the counter meds pretty useless. I spent countless hours in the library, looking for books on herbal medicine. Fortunately, the library in that city was really good, so there was a lot. In the process, I stumbled over old black books, and that’s how I got into witchcraft 🙂

Enough about me, here are a few things you can use for pain.

Tincture for rheumatism

100 g (~3.5 oz) of crushed Juniper berries 5 dl (~16.9 fl oz) of 70 % alcohol Leave for 2 weeks, stir from time to time. Strain and filter. Rub it in.

Goat Willow decoction for pain

Take 20 g (~0.7 oz) dried Goat Willow bark or 40 g (~1.4 oz) fresh and let it boil gently in 3.4 l (~115 fl oz) of water for 30 minutes. I.e. until it’s down to 1.2 l (~40.6 fl oz). Drink half a liter, spread over 3-4 doses every day. If kept in the refrigerator, the decoction keeps for 2 to 3 days.

Colt’s Foot tea

The leaves of the Colt’s Foot is a powerful analgesic, agent. Make tea on 2 dl (~6.8 fl oz) of water and 2 tbsp of dried leaves. Drink it as hot as possible. The pain’s gone before you’ve finished the cup. Do not use frequently due to the alkaloids. For more info on Colt’s foot, here’s a peek into my library site.

There are lots of herbs that have some effect on pain, but I can’t list them all here. As always, be careful if you choose to try anything using herbs, never mix it with conventional meds, and always diskuss it with your primary physician first.

Have you tried any? Leave me a comment below, and please share this post wherever you can.

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