If you recognise yourself in the descriptions below, I’d love to do a target market interview with you via Skype or Zoom. In return, I’m happy to offer my services for 30 minutes (anything I do goes).

If you recognize yourself in several of these…

  • You’re a woman between 35-45
  • You have a sense of humour
  • You’re tolerant and open-minded
  • You love animals and nature
  • You have some interests that fall within the more esoteric
  • You’re willing to try new things
  • You’re a leader in some way
  • You’re an online entrepreneur


And at least one of these…

  1. You want to embrace your personality, to stop letting other people’s demands and opinions decide
  2. You want to reclaim your creative expression, to stop sacrificing it
  3. You want to express your personality and creativity more in your life and/or business, to bring it up to your natural energy level

I want to talk to you!

Are you one of these people?

The interview will be up to 30 minutes over Skype and in return for your answers and time, I’d like to offer you my services for 30 minutes. No matter which of all the things I do. Click the button now to book your interview.

Thank you!

Linda, in handwriting

PS. If you want a list of all the things I can do for you, just ask and I’ll send it to you


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