To all you techies you there, will you help me find a new web host? I’ve been having problems with Supergreenhosting (now JustHost) since I moved to them, and I’m more than fed up. They have an anytime money back guarantee, so I’ll get my money back. But I need another, better host to move to.

They’re having problems with overloaded servers, and they don’t seem to have any redundancy since my site keeps going down all the time. My funds are limited, so I can’t go for anything. At SGH, I’m paying $4.45 per month. I know I won’t get that low with any quality, but I can’t go above $20 per month.

I’m used to running Apache, MysSQL and PHP 5 on Linux. All my sites are optimized and secured, as far as I’m able to.

I have:

  • 2 sites running on Joomla 1.5.25 (will probably be moved to WP and PmWiki)
  • 1 site running on WordPress 3.3
  • 1 site running PmWiki 2.2.35
  • 1 site running phpBB3 (will try to upgrade)
  • 1 site running Zen Cart v1.3.9h
  • 2 Email addresses
  • 13 Email forwarders
  • 1 top domain (.com)
  • 1 parked domain (.no)
  • 2 addon domains (.no)
  • 6 subdomains
  • 15 MySQL databases (will increase)
  • 150 GB of data (not including Joomla cache) which will increase

I would prefer:

  • To manage my settings
  • SSH access
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited disk space (and inodes)
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • To use my own certificate for SSL
  • At least one IP address that’s mine
  • 24/7/365 friendly and knowledgeable support
  • Backups (preferably off site)

As for CPU and RAM, I haven’t run any monitoring to check how much my sites use. But I used to run their sites on Debian, on an old PC (Pentium 4) in my living room. I would still be running them from home if it wasn’t for the low upload speed.

If you know of any host fitting these, or most of these, let me know as soon as possible. Moving takes a lot of work, and need to be planned out in advance.

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