You probably know the feeling of having a boring day, so I don’t think I have to explain that to you. But I want to give you three ways to instantly make that boring day a lot more fun; to shift the energy of the entire day and have more fun. Wouldn’t that be a good feeling? You may feel a little silly the first couple of times you try these, but you’ll get over it.


Now don’t you start making excuses, I’m not talking ballroom dancing here, I’m talking about rocking it to some music. I bet you know how to do that, even babies dance so just let loose. I bet you have some music that just gets you moving somewhere, just dig it out and do it.

If you’re in a work environment where you don’t feel like you can just break out and dance, bring your phone to the bathroom and dance anyway. Picture the secretary doing bellydancing moves behind the counter.


I know lots of people hate singing out loud because someone has told them they can’t sing. Bullshit I say! Everyone can sing, it’s just not everyone that can hold a clear note.

If you have to go on a long drive or spend hours alone in the archives, then put on some music and sing out loud. It does make a difference to the boredom. Can’t you just see the truck driver singing Waka Waka?


Use your imagination to find new ways to do boring tasks. There’s always at least one way to make things more fun. You can even doodle while doing the bookkeeping, or do origami at a stale meeting.

If you’re alone in a room, change your position. Who said you can’t write on a laptop lying on the floor with your feet on the chair? Should anyone complain, you can say that changing positions is good for your back and your circulation.

If nothing else, you can also use your imagination to imagine funny hats on people or make funny faces at the phone. If no one can see it, who cares?

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