17mai-7Today is Norway’s Constitution Day, and it’s 200 years since it was signed. So the celebrations are a bit more elaborate this year as if they weren’t big enough on a regular year … I usually don’t walk the whole route of the parade, because of my knees. And I hadn’t planned to do it this year either, but because I was left with no way out, I did. Despite the high heels. It was the first time my daughter walked the full route too. She has a place in it with her class. Usually, we’ve just walked in the back part with the rest, but this time we were pretty far towards the front of the parade. 17mai-3

Lilith and I walked with the others from the church to the retirement home, and then to the community center, where she performed a couple of songs with the other kids from the school. The route is about 1 km/0.6 miles long, so it’s not that bad. There are a lot of parades that walk longer on this day.

I’m not Norwegian, so I don’t have a personal connection to this holiday, but I think it’s great that they celebrate their country this way. Not being a Norwegian gives me an excuse not to wear a traditional dress. They are beautiful, but I doubt I’d be comfortable in one. It’s just not my style. This day often gives us cold and wet weather, but this year we got a better deal. We got some sun and the temperature was warm enough to walk without a jacket on.

17mai-9 17mai-2 17mai-6

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