All through the long weekend, I was with a large bunch of good friends at this house in the middle of Norway. 

We had lots of interesting discussions, both during the day and the late nights concerning everything from parenting to brewing mead and deeper heathen topics.

The reason we were there was the yearly meeting for the Asatru Fellowship Bifrost. This is the one trip I refuse to miss during the year. Since I joined,  I’ve only missed it once.

As usual, the people were amazing, and so was the food. The kitchen leader did a marvellous job preparing lots of delicious food so that there was a lot less for us helpers to do when the meals were prepared and served.

Idavollen tingsted is a cosy place by the Osen-lake near the city Trysil. If you’re looking for a great place to rent for an event or a gathering, you should put this on your list. Since it has 40+ beds, there’s lots of room for your friends and/or family. Plus, it’s close to some great skiing hills. 

I should also mention that it’s almost surrounded by a large forest but still close enough to the grocery store 🙂


If you’re interested in knowing more about the house, click the button below

So now you know where I was over the weekend.

What were you up to? Any plans for this weekend?

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