Autumn is a time for change and reflection. Because of this, and my long time lack of energy, I’ve written down some goals for the future. At least some of these will help with my energy levels.This post is meant to be an elaboration of the video I uploaded to YouTube today:

018 – My Goals

I will not

Goals In progress Achieved
Create so much clutter. Because then at least I contribute to not having to pick up as much. x
Get as frustrated and annoyed over things that won’t change. x
Let hasty words get to me as much as they have. x
Translate my blog posts. I will still translate the info on Heksebua and add captions to my videos, because I enjoy spreading information. x
Sign up for any more classes. x
Try to do everything. x

I will


Goals In progress Achieved
Eat healthier
    More fruit x
    More vegetables
    Less empty carbs x
    More fiber x
    More protein
    Rinse fruit and veg
    Eat a more varied diet x
Drink at least one cup of herbal tea each day. x
Eliminate artificial sweeteners x
Eliminate carbonated drinks x
Minimize caffeine x
Use more spices and herbs in food
Exercise three times a week
(I now do twice a week at a PT)
Choose cleaner versions of products:
    Skin care products
    Washing-up liquid
    Detergent x
    Fabric softener x
    Cleaning agents
Establish and maintain a skin care regime x
Loose weight
    Get below 90 kilos x
    Get below 80 kilos x
    Get below 70 kilos
    Get down to 66 kilos


Goals In progress Achieved
Spend at least ten minutes each day in quiet contemplation in nature. (utiseta)
Meditate at least ten minutes each day. x
Ground and work with shielding each day. x
Celebrate Blots: x
    Midvinterblót (Hóggunott, January 12) Odin, Freyr, Njord x
    Dísablót (Fullmoon in Gói), Disr
    Sommerblót (First day of Harpa) Tor, Siw, Frey, Gerd, Jord
    Walpurgis Nacht (April 30), Freyja x
    Midsummer’s Eve (Summer Solstice), Eir, Baldr x
    Vetrnætr (First day of Gormánuður), Freyr
    Alvablót (Fullmoon in Gormánuður), Ancestors, Alfr x
Celebrate Fullmoon Esbats.
Do some magic at least once a month.
Begin a divine dialog. x
Redo my altar, my Galdrabók and my website to reflect my tradition.
Research different religions, paths and traditions.
    Kitchen Witchcraft
    Domestic Witchcraft
Study to be a Vo;lva x


Goals In progress Achieved
Make housework more effective and therefore less draining.
Prioritize tasks.
        Washing floors
        Washing windows
        Changing the bedlinen
        Changing the curtains
        Wiping down surfaces
        Cleaning the oven, fridge and freezer
        Cleaning the toilet and shower


Goals In progress Achieved
Reuse clothes and other things as far as possible x
Give things that are usable to charity if I can’t use them myself. x
Get better at recycling glass, metal, plastics
(I’m already good at biodegradable waste and paper).
Source products locally when possible x
Choose ecological/organic products when possible: x
Choose cleaner versions of products:
    Washing-up liquid
    Detergent x
    Fabric softener x
    Cleaning agents


Goals In progress Achieved
Provide a nutritious, varied and interesting diet x
Teach general positive values with a Pagan twist x
Teach basic writing and math from an early age x
Teach her how to swim before she starts school
Teach her how to ride a bike before she starts school
Allow her to join in my Pagan activities if she shows interest x
Teach her about Paganism and Asatru if she shows interest
Teach her about different religions, traditions and paths
Let her choose her own path when she’s ready
Do crafts together x
Encourage her to try and to taste new things x
Spend time in nature together x
Teach her about the seasons and other cycles in nature x
Have fun together x
Reduce screen time x
Reduce sweets x


Goals In progress Achieved
Keep it as a business x
Increase traffic x
Increase the number of orders
Make it as close as possible to a 100% ecological/organic shop x
Update information regularly
Add information regularly
Have giveaways
Have competitions x
Update my blog at least once a day x
Have customers all over the world
Add new products regularly
Add more stuff to Etsy x
Host at least four gatherings each year x
Have seasonal products
Make enough money to live from it
(not very realistic, but still)


Goals In progress Achieved
Learn to let go of what I cannot change. x
Change the way I dress to reflect who I am. x
    Something in the direction of Boho Pagan 🙂
Try new things.
    Crafts x
    Computer stuff
    Food x
    Baked goods x
Spend less time working.
    When hubs gets a new job, I’m going to diskuss reducing my work hours with my physician.
Spend more time doing things I enjoy.

These are long term goals of mine. I’m not ever going to try to pretend that I can do this all at once. Some are easy to do, others very hard. But at some point they will get done. I’m sure this list will evolve, it will get longer and more detailed, but at least this is a start.

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