Believe it or not, but your smartphone can help you on your way to living your purpose if you use a few of the standard functions.

1.  Use the calendar on your phone to block off time to do what you love, to meditate, do yoga, run, write, paint or draw, craft, and to work on getting closer to your purpose.

2. Use the timer function on your phone to limit the time you use for boring tasks. If housework is taking over your life, set the timer for 15 minutes, start doing what you have to do, and when it rings, you stop! Yes, I said stop! If you do the housework in 15 minute portions here and there, it’ll feel a lot better than if you let it take over your entire day or evening and drain you of every ounce of energy you have for other things.

3. If you’re a creative person, use the phone to take notes when inspiration hits you upside the head, don’t leave it and think that you’ll remember until you have time to paint, write or whatever it is you do. Write it down immediately, so you don’t lose it. Then you can revisit your notes when you have time to act on the inspiration.

4. Listen to inspirational and/or educational audio files when driving, exercising, or when doing those boring chores. That way you get to listen to all the stuff that otherwise might just “collect dust” on your hard drive.

5. Stay in touch with your tribe. The people who support you and cheer you on. A phone was after all made for communication. Whether this is via phone calls, text messages or social media, staying in touch is a great way to refuel and stay on top.

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