I’ve been on both ends of Tarot and other intuitive readings, and I know that it might be hard to say what you want answered. So you end up asking something generic or just say you want a general reading. If you do, the answer you will get will also be more generic/general. I want to give you a few examples of what I think are questions that will give a detailed and precise answer. Just fill in the blank in the template that fits what you want to know.

Where will I find the __________ I need for _____________?
What do I need to do to _____________ before __________?
How will _________ work out for me? What do I have to  _________ before I can ____________?
Will my journey to __________ go smoothly?
Should I work with _________ ?
What is blocking me from _________ ?
Which area of __________ should I explore further?

I hope these fill in the blank questions help you to get a more precise answer from your next reading. If you want a reading, click here. to go to the library where I have the links to book your reading.


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