I got a question from a man my age: How do you get those around you to let you work uninterrupted with projects without being critical of them, but let them understand that you sometimes have to work without distractions. How do you get me-time without being too loud about it.

This is my reply

We all need me-time. Everyone, not just us creatives, but everyone needs some time alone. If we don’t get it we get more easily upset, we tend to bark at people. I know I have.

To avoid this happening, and to make yourself happier, you have to sit them down in advance. Talk to them. Explain why you need this, and plan your alone time in advance, so there are no misunderstandings.

Of course, you should tell them that “You’re allowed to interrupt me if the house is on fire, or if something’s happened”. But the level of importance that’s needed for interruptions should be clear.

Make sure to be 100% honest with those who love you, because they do want you to be happy. Getting this on the table, will make your whole family a lot happier in the end. It will teach others how to treat you and it will teach your kids how they deserve to be treated, and I think that’s the most important part.

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