Yesterday someone asked me how to get creative ideas, and I decided to answer it here on the blog. Just because there might be more of you wondering about the same thing.

There are several ways to get new ideas when you’ve hit a dry spell. Here are just ten examples that you can try. Some of them might surprise you.

  1. Get enough sleep is the first one. If you’re worn out and sleep deprived, your brain isn’t working properly.
  2. Go for a walk in Nature. Nature has many interesting shapes and patterns that trigger ideas. Bring a camera along to snap some pictures of the interesting things you see, so you can use them later.
  3. Free-writing has been used by many people to shake things loose. Just write without making any corrections, even if you have to write “I don’t know what to write”. Suddenly you’ll get a spark, or remember something you can use.
  4. Read a book. It takes you into a different world for a while, and you may come back with some good ideas.
  5. Try something you’ve never done. Trying something new really gets those synapses firing.
  6. Create when you’re at your best. We all have a time in the day when we’re more creative and productive.
  7. Switch up your daily routine. Changing your habits challenges your brain to figure out this new pattern.
  8. To step away from technology for a few hours is always a good idea.
  9. Play with your kids, or ask them for ideas.
  10. Doodling can also bring up interesting ideas and patterns you can use for your creations.


Remember to keep a camera and notebook with you, so you can record the ideas when you get them.

Has this been helpful? Do you have anything to add to the list?

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