visit-flowerbedBecause the in-laws came to visit yesterday, I couldn’t post on the blog last night. So I’m posting today instead. My father-in-law brought me some new plants for my flower bed, and thereby gave me more work 😀 more gardening to do.

I ended up weeding the flower bed, covering it, planting the new plants and watering. I’m covering the beds with cloth, so I won’t have to work as hard at keeping them clean.

This was done before and after my daughter Lilith’s first soccer game. Her team did a great job and had some fun. Fun is what it’s all about at that age, but they did win 6-0. visit-soccer The in-laws went home this morning, and it’s now evening and Lilith’s in bed.

I’m attending Christina Morassi’s live stream before we start recording Margarita Midnight. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about it getting dark later, so I thought I’d show you what it looks like here. This picture of the southern part of my garden below was taken at 11:30 PM yesterday. No trick, nothing. It is that light outside before midnight. It actually looks darker in the photo than the eyes perceive it as. visit-midnight


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