I’m taking a short break from the subjects I’ve been sticking to this month, to touch on one of my hobbies; Gardening and my garden plans. I’ve got about 1600 m2/17000 sq.ft to play with. This year will mostly be about cleaning up after last year’s weed invasion. I have to replant the entire stone bed, about 16 m2/172 sq.ft since it got overgrown by weeds up to 1,5 m/5 ft tall.

I’ll have to dig it up, add a lot of soil and find new plants for it. I’m also removing the overgrown strip below the stone bed, and because of this I’ll have to move the plants I’m keeping to the stone bed itself. I’ll probably have to bribe some male friends with a good meal to get some help with the digging.

I hope to be able to trim the apple tree in March since we only got halfway done last year. The Cherry tree also needs a trim. But if there’s too much snow, it won’t get done. I want to clean up the North side of the property and replant the Northside bed. I also want to create a hearth there. I want to create a spiritual area on the south side, where there’s a rectangular depression.

I’m also hoping that our two Apple tree saplings survived being munched on by deer last autumn. My herb bed will probably stay the same as last year. It’s almost fully populated, except the area where I let Lilith plant something annual each year.

If you’re interested in gardening, I’d love to get some suggestions for plants.

What fits in a stone bed (semi-shade to full sun) and survives up here? We’re up in the mountains, hardiness zone 5.
What would work in a spiritual area (semi-shade to full sun)?


Stone Bed South         Stone Bed South East           The rectangular depression where I plan to create the spiritual area

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