There are a lot of fun fall projects for kids during this time of year, but little for adults. So this edition of Friday Finds has some for you to try.

Get creative with your Halloween cooking and baking. How about these spider cookies? I think they look great and very rA picture of a chocolate chip cookie with very realistic spidersealistic. Enough to freak out most cookie thieves.

This picture has traveled social media like wildfire, so I can’t be sure where it came from originally. All you do to get this effect is to draw legs with a toothpick when they come out of the oven while the chocolate is still melted.

You can make a bird feeder out of just about anything you have lying around. Below are a few suggestions, and there are lots of other examples here.

A picture of a bird eating from a bird feeder made with a plastic bottle and two wooden spoons A bird eating from a bird feeder made from a flower pot and two dishes A bird eating from a bird feeder made from a wine bottle

You can make all sorts of things from nuts, leaves, twigs, and cones. These fairies and bugs are just a few.

leaf fairiesFairy made from natural materials leaf bugs

Leaves can be used for all sorts of decorative things too, like this bowl, or preserved for a wreath or a garland.

A picture of a bowl made from Maple leaves

In addition to these suggestions, there are literally thousands of suggestions on how to make more fall and Halloween decorations for your home out there. (All pictures are linked to where I found them.)

Get creating!

If you need a kick in the pants to get going, join the October Creativity Challenge.



  1. Sibylle

    Lots of beautiful things! And so easy to make. I love the bird feeders, making a note of those for when I have my own place 🙂


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