There are occasions when I just go full steam ahead, ignoring the pain, without thinking, because I’m doing something fun or pleasurable, but I pay the price the next couple of days 😀 I know the same is true for many of you. For example the woman with bad hips who chooses to go shopping or the one with migraines who chooses to go to a concert.

Do you go full steam ahead, ignoring or forgetting about the consequences, or do you thread carefully? I probably do this a bit too often, but I’ve found forgetting about my challenges and the consequences occasionally makes life a lot more fun.

The consequences aren’t fun to deal with, but I’m used to the pain. It doesn’t worsen my condition. If it makes your condition worse, I’d suggest being more careful with what you choose to do.

Leave me a comment with your challenges, so I can learn more about you.

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