Today’s rune from the Elder Futhark is Odal or Othala (sound value: O).

Odal is a word for land that’s been owned by the same family in many generations. It stands for inheritance, heritage, home, land, property and this can include the genes from past generations that you will pass on to your children. It’s about who you are because of your family and background, the security a family brings, our ancestors, and keeping traditions alive. It can also be about getting in touch with your ancestors or earlier incarnations. It stands for cultivation, both farming and on a more intellectual and emotional plane through art, crafts and culture. In some ways it’s also about making your mark in history. One aspect that’s very important, is that you have to give up something to get what you want. It might mean you have to stop doing something to have time for something else.

Merkstave: Genetic problems, a seemingly worthless inheritance hides treasure. Feeling rootless, homelessness, isolation.

In some descriptions of the futhark, Odal comes before Dagr. I’ve chosen to follow the majority of the Scandinavian descriptions of the futhark, and place it after Dagr.

What’s your take on this rune? Leave me a comment below.

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