As you might now, I had shoulder surgery and I’m now finally allowed to move my shoulder, within reason and physical limitations of course. I’m not allowed to force it beyond where it’ll move on its own, and no twisting. But it’s still another three weeks until I’m allowed to use any weights above two pounds or carry things.

The shoulder is still very painful at times, especially in the morning when I haven’t been moving it much, and in the afternoon as the painkillers wear off. I still can’t lay on my left side, which is a bit annoying at times.

My movement is very restricted, but apparently on track for this kind of surgery (it’s not frozen or anything like that). The physical therapist is going to start me on a different set of exercises on Tuesday, which I hope will take me further along. This takes a long time to fully heal, and I’m not the patient type. So I get frustrated. I can’t say I’m looking forward to getting my right shoulder done the same way. I’m extremely right handed, and that’ll prevent me from doing a lot of the things I like doing.

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