Just remembered that I have an appointment with the chiropractor tomorrow morning. I managed to send an SMS and an e-mail to my coworkers in time (well sort of). I’ve also got a few of them as friends on Facebook, so at least one has gotten the message tonight.

I tried to make some more magnets tonight, but I had to take three of them apart again. I have to print the messages and images on thicker paper because the glue bleeds through and you can see the darkness of the magnet through the paper. I finished two flowers, which I intend to give to someone who said she loves knickknacks. I’m also going to give her an example of the other types when I get them done. One type is with acrylic ‘stones’ and the other with bubble stickers. It doesn’t cost me much to make them, and I love the expression people get when they receive a gift they weren’t expecting. It’s fun to give.

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