I’ve realized that I’m accumulating quite a large amount of artwork since I’ve been creating something every day this year. So I’m doing something that’s a bit different to take care of that.

On my artist facebook page and on Google+. I‘m offering one piece of art every Wednesday-Friday at a reduced price, but the price is only valid for that week, and I expect them to sell quickly. So you have to move fast if you want one.

It could be that you haven’t given your loved one as much time and attention as you’d like and they deserve, and you know they appreciate art. So a good way to show them that you love them is to give them an unexpected gift. Something handmade and thoughtful, like a piece of beautiful art, to show that you value them and their love of art.

A piece of art might also be a good graduation gift. For example, a bird symbolizing that they’re taking flight into a new part of their lives.

The pictures of the artwork are posted on my artist facebook page, and on my Google+ profile. On facebook they’re pinned to the top, so you can find them. To claim one, leave a comment on the picture that you want it saying SOLD. I’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

The artworks up for sale this week are these:

Butterfly Garden Cloudy Moon The Northern Lights

Tip 1: If you click the picture, you can read about them in my web shop.

Tip 2: Click “Get Notifications” under the LIKED tab on my facebook page, so you see them when they’re posted!


  1. Anna

    Great idea, I will share with others. And keep doing your art, it’s great.

  2. Debbie Goode

    Very nice! Wishing much success with your sale!


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