A friend and I were planning a mutual prosperity ritual for the Esbat tonight, but things got in the way. So I’m doing one on my own, in my regular spot. I’ve done a lot of exciting cooking today, for this ritual. So the day has been pretty special already.

I started out by baking Sunflower & Basil Rolls this morning.

Sunflower & Basil Rolls

Then I made Marigold Cookies.

Marigold Cookies

And this afternoon I made Nettle Soup.

Nettle Soup

I’m using all of these for the feast during my hours by the bonfire. I’m going outside after it gets a bit darker, and after Lilith’s fallen asleep. I’m happy to see that the forecast is very promising for this evening. It’s been mostly overcast and pretty cold for a couple of days now. I’ll have a big bonfire from the garden waste, and the company of the dark moon and my animal companions.

I’m directing the prosperity ritual at the Alfr, with the owner of Álfheimr in the center of it all. For once, I’ll be clearing space properly. Well properly for being me at least. I must admit I’m usually pretty relaxd about rituals, but I feel I need to make this ritual special, to get the most out of it. I haven’t decided on what to bring as an offering yet though.

Any suggestions are welcome.

I also plan to repeat this a couple of times, as friends have done so with some success. In addition to the ritual itself, I’m doing the same flower pot spell I did once before. It worked very well then, although that was for a lot less than I have in mind for this time. I’m also doing the sweet potato money thing with a regular potato and putting some Cinnamon in my wallet. If I’m able to take pictures, while outside, I’ll post those later.

So if you have any suggestions or any other feedback, like what entities you’d call upon, leave me a comment by filling out the form below. Do me a favor and share this after you’ve read and commented on it.

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