Do you feel like you don’t have enough (time, talent, money, skills, courage) to be creative? I get that. But I suspect all you need is a kickstart. And I can help! I will give you ideas on how to get started and the loving creative kick in the backside, so to speak.

I’m offering The Creative Kickstart to help you get started. So let’s do this!

At the bottom of this post, you’ll find a button to click if you feel this is something you really want. (I thought I’d tell you that if you want to skip the rest of the post and go there right away.)

Let me tell you a little bit about this conversation, so you ‘ll know what to expect. We meet on Zoom (click here to see what zoom is, it’s really easy to use) to talk for 15 minutes. During our time  together, I will help you get more clarity on what you’re passions and strengths are. I start the conversation with a short Tarot reading if you need one. That is if you don’t already know your strengths, your passions and what’s blocking you.

We’ll then work on creating a recipe of ways to move towards increasing the creativity in your everyday life. This will bring you a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm and help you take the steps you need to take.

We’ll then work on a next-step action plan for moving your forward. I might give you something to do right there and then. Something quick and easy, to get you going.

I want this conversation to be a comfortable one. I don’t like those stiff coaching calls either. So it will also be to get to know each other and we’ll talk about anything that comes up. As much as we can fit into 15 minutes 🙂

After we’ve said our farewells, I’ll create a graphic outlining what we diskovered and the action plan we agreed on, and send it to you.

Does this sound good to you?

It might be all you need to get you started on your creative path, or you might choose to continue working with me. I will not try to sell you a high-end program, as some other coaches might. I just want to help you take that steps you need to take to bring more creativity into your life.
This will be worth your $27, I promise.

Creative Kickstart



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