Are you easily distracted by shiny objects, whatever’s new or more fun than what you should be doing? I know I am.

Those bright and shiny objects might be getting in your way. They may be holding you back; stopping you from reaching those amazing goals of yours.

If you know these things distract you from what you need to do, try to remove yourself from them. Avoiding a problem isn’t usually a good solution, but when it comes to things like the latest status updates by your friends, that new scrapbooking tool, or the sale at your favorite shoe store, avoidance can be a good thing.

When you’re aware that this is a problem, and that it’s keeping you from living the life you want, remove yourself from it, at least long enough to get things done. After you’ve done that step towards your goal, then you can open the browser to that Facebook page again.

What are the things that increase your procrastination the most?

For me, the laptop is a major culprit, with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, graphic design and web design. But for me it’s also a very valuable tool since it is how I keep in touch with you.

Leave me a comment below and tell me about it. I might be able to come up with an idea on how to reduce its effect on your ability to take action.

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