I’ve never been a fan of ridiculous rules. Seeing this meme online inspired me to write this post.

Life is full of rules imposed on us by religion, culture, tradition, family, friends, media etc. Look at the ones you’re following right now. Do you agree with them or not?

If the rules feel wrong to you, break the rules.

I’m not telling you to break the law, I’m telling you to take a long hard look at the smaller rules you follow and break the rules you don’t agree with. If you need a couple of examples, here’s a few I’ve been told:

  • You shouldn’t wear red with pink
  • You shouldn’t wear a high ponytail as a grown-up
  • You shouldn’t eat after 8 pm
  • You shouldn’t have long hair after 40
  • You shouldn’t interrupt people when you disagree
  • You shouldn’t do a horse painting and make it pink

Pick a few off of your list and break the rules. You’ll be glad you did.


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