I had planned to use the train rides to the city in the mornings for spiritual workings, but I nod off either way. The first day I tried, I nodded off in the car, and got a glimpse of a tree branch with runes on it. I was only able to remember one of them, the shape of the branch, and that the tree seemed to have no bark on it.

The first bind rune I remembered, was a bind rune of Áss and Dagr. A result of their combination is Reiðr. My chosen interpretation is “Realisation and awakening through travel and communication.”

On the way to work, I tried to capture that image again but fell asleep. I was only able to fly up to the location as my Hamr, which is a Crow, before falling asleep. So I know it’s a peripheral branch pretty high up the World Tree. The next day, I tried on the way home and fell asleep. But not before seeing another bind rune. This one was a combination of Is and Gifu. I choose to interpret it as “Gift of Stability”. For someone else, it might mean a partnership that’s stagnated.

That’s as far as I’ve been able to get. I decided not to force it. So I’m waiting a while before trying again. But I hope to get more of those runes.

I did this drawing while waiting for the train home.

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