A picture of the finished purple slippers with cat's paw printsI’ve been working on a pair of crocheted slippers for my daughter lately, and now they’re finally finished. I started out making the slippers themselves, and the idea was to put a pair of turtles on them. Lilith said she wanted turtles on her slippers, but then she changed her mind.

Once she saw the finished turtles, she wanted to keep them as stuffed animals and went for a cat’s paw print A pictue of the finished crocheted turtles in pink and purpleas a decoration for her slippers instead.

She’s very happy with both the turtles and the slippers, so all is well.

Today I’m doing a live show on Cackle Boom Radio, and you can call in if you want to. I’ll be on live every weekday for a while, from 11-14 CET (5-8 am EST/2-5 am PST) and 22:30-00:30 CET (4:30-6:30 pm EST/1:30-3:30 pm PST). On weekends, I’m on from 22:30-00:30 CET (4:30-6:30 pm EST/1:30-3:30 pm PST). This also includes my regular show on Tuesdays, Call A Crone and Margarita Midnight on Thursdays.

I’m also doing the “Stump the Conjure Queen” game on my facebook page. Come over and play! I’ve got my wand ready to help you with your wishes.

So now you know a bit about what I’m up to.

What are you doing?


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