A lot of followers, clients and friends loved my Sassy Sayings series of memes, so I’m bringing it back, in another way. I’m starting a series of memes on the benefits of creativity. The first one being that creativity can make you healthier, or keep you healthy longer.

I made a cartoon of myself for these, so you’ll be seeing this gal a lot.
Please share it, and continue reading this post.

A cartoon of me in scrubs to the left of the text: Benefit of Creativity #1 It can improve your health, plus a quote by a Harvard Psychologist

Creative expression and experimentation have the following effects on your health:

  • Possibly a longer, better quality life: You’ll experience less stress, anxiety, and you’ll be thinking of creating instead of worrying.
  • Weight-loss can get easier: You’re not eating because you’re bored, or can’t handle feelings.
  • Stronger immune system: Because you’re happier, your immune system does better at defending you.
  • Healthier brain: You ability to focus sharply is improved, as the brain is challenged on a daily basis. Memory function has also been shown to increase. Learning improves when it’s fun.
  • Happiness: You’re doing what you love, taking some time to yourself, you work through feelings, instead of burying them. You’ll experience less distress and negative emotions.
  • More energy: You get a natural high from expressing yourself.

A lot of countries are adding art and crafts to the treatment of those with cancer, the elderly, and those suffering from depression. So there’s definitely something to it. There are also lots of scientific research backing this up.

Are you going to get creative?

It’s helped me through over 20 years of chronic pain. I’ve also talked to several other women who have been helped through tough times by being creative.


  1. Karla Campos

    Love! Creative expression definitely makes me happy, what more can a girl ask for?


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