Creating art in cycles or series has helped my productivity a lot. It also helps me create a cohesive body of work and I get the variety I crave (unless I do another series of 100 paintings which is highly unlikely :D)

  • Creating art in series helps me create the cohesive bodies of work an artist needs
  • Doing series also gives a theme so I don’t have to come up with one for every artwork
  • Cycling through more than one series provides the variety to make it even more fun

Lately, I haven’t been doing this, which means I haven’t been as productive, so it’s time to get back to it. That’s why I’m working on those series samples you may have seen here and on social media. I’m currently working on #3 out of 4 and this is what it looks like now

Once I’m done with this sample sketch and the next one, I hope you’ll help me choose which series to do first.

Have you tried doing what you do in cycles or series?

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