Creating a temporary pop-up gallery is a great way to attract a new audience for your art, especially if you haven’t exhibited before.  The International Museum of Children’s Art has placed a pop-up gallery at Oslo Airport, an area that draws many visitors and passers-by who may not normally have taken the time to visit an exhibition in a traditional, formal gallery. All you need for your own exhibition is some empty space and stands to display your artwork and you’re ready to go.

Find A Space

When space for new artists is in short supply, being creative with the type of venue in which you exhibit opens up many more opportunities for first-time exhibitors. Placing art in public spaces not only makes them more attractive but ensures that many more people get to see your work. Pop-up galleries in empty shops are popular as they are easy to set up. Once you find somewhere, you’ll need to ask permission from the owner and then negotiate rent. This should be favourable as the space isn’t currently bringing in any money. In public and outdoor exhibitions, however, it’s important to consider the impact your event will have on the environment and ensure the space is left as you found it once your exhibition is over.

Share A Venue

If you don’t feel you want the responsibility of setting up a space on your own, you could ask local shops and restaurants to put some of your art on their walls or display crafts on shelves around the room. Sharing a space like this can save money as well as allowing many more people to see your work than might perhaps have gone to a gallery. It’s also a great idea if you are nervous about attracting a large turnout. In addition, look out for local Arts and Crafts markets nearby where you can have a small stall to start with or ask other artists if they would like to exhibit with you.

Spread The Word

Social media is a great way to publicise a short, temporary exhibition. Save money and paper and instead of flyers send emails to your friends, family and colleagues and ask them to spread the word about your exhibition. If you are using an empty shop or public space you should get plenty of people passing by but some simple posters or examples of your work in the window should be enough to draw them in.

Once you are ready to reveal your creative talent to the world, don’t wait for room in a stuffy formal gallery to become available. Go out and find your own space and make your own display area where many more people can enjoy seeing your artwork.

About Jane:
Jane Sandwood is a professional freelance writer with over 10 years’ experience across many fields. Jane has a particular interest in issues relating to health and wellbeing.

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