Create your art differently to get the spark back, to add more interest, or to just explore something new. Either way a different angle or material can add some interest to your work. Both for you and those enjoying your work.


If you normally write about people in first-person, try doing it in third-person, or imagine how an animal (like a squirrel) would behave. Wouldn’t it be fun if Sherlock Holmes behaved as a squirrel?

The face of Benedict Cumberbatch on a squirrel

Painting & Drawing

Why should you have to start with a blank canvas or paper? Try using a different surface than you usually do. Sissel Olsen made this pretty hedgehog on a map over London.


Instead of taking pictures from your regular viewpoint, change the angle. Twist the camera, get down to the level of a child, get in close, you get the idea.

A picture of a Maple by the road A picture of a Maple, taken from below

If you’re in another field than these three, I bet I can come up with a way to switch it up. If you feel you need some help with this, just send me an email at linda (a)


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