I was surfing for ideas on what to do with old clothes earlier today when I came across these. I think they’re delightfully crafty and colorful clothes, so I added them to today’s Friday Finds. I had to stop myself at five examples, but there are literally thousands of examples and tutorials online.

They’re all from Etsy, but I’m not telling you to buy them. This is just to show you what you can do with old clothes you don’t wear. All pictures link back to where I found them.

Upcycled Tshirt Dress with Lucky 13

I bet you can do something like this t-shirt dress by CindyliciousClothing

Colorful sweater coat

Katwise has become famous for her sweater coats

rainbow coloured arm warmers made from old sweaters

These arm warmers by Hope Floats Upcycled are fun

Blue green and white summer dress

This summer dress by BrokenGhostClothing doesn’t seem too hard either

Funky Colorful Dotty Wool Winter Scarf - made from recycled, felted sweaters in green, pink, orange

This funky scarf by godottygo also looks like fun

I will go digging in the boxes of old clothes I was going to throw out. Why don’t you do the same?

Let’s create some fun, crafty and colorful clothes.


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