A friend of mine asked me for some help the other day. She’s low on energy but really needs to get her property cleansed. So we’re putting together a cleansing and border setting ritual for her.

There are a couple of lingering spirits that need to get told to leave. And the cleanse and border setting is probably just the beginning of a longer working, but it needs to start now, so she can have some of her energy back. I will be doing the outline for the ritual, and she’ll fill in the details since it’s her property.

We know we won’t have a regular bonfire, but use candles and lanterns instead. There will also be smoke and salt involved. She will be the lead, and I will add some power to the mix. It’s not really my usual role in ritual, but I have no problem playing a supporting role on occasion, instead of the lead.

Which role do you take in rituals? Are you always one or the other? Do you stand in your own power, or do you embody deities? Embodying a deity is something I haven’t done so far, even though I’ve done rituals for 20 years.

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