I thought I’d talk a little about choosing your Tarot deck today. Some seem to jump at Rider-Waite and stick with it, others have more trouble finding theirs. There are a couple of websites showing all the cards in the decks, that’s a good place to start, and that’s how I found mine.

If that doesn’t work, have you ever thought of making your own Tarot deck? There’s really no need for it to be artistically perfect; it just has to have symbols you can relate to. Here are a couple of examples of Halloween themed decks I’ve found online. For more info on the deck, click the image.

Halloween TarotAll Hallow's Tarot

Halloween Tarot Cards - 22 Card Major Arcana Deck (With Handmade Tarot bag) by OraclesForest

What’s your preference? What kind of deck is your favorite?

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