This week’s Friday Finds is technically late, as it is past Midnight here, but here it is. This week’s edition ties into the post from Wednesday, on creative experiments. I’m giving you a couple of cool ways you can challenge your creativity.

Painting with unusual objects like; Ballons,  Q-tips, A fly swatter. Or painting really BIG, and I do mean big. Make it at least 3 ft (1m)  by 4 ft (1,25 m). The bigger the better.

Drawing whatever catches your eye, without any corrections. Sketch it out quickly, and don’t use an eraser. Or do a scribble on a paper, and then try to make it look like something. Go wherever it takes you.

Writing for 5 minutes without paying any attention to spelling, grammar etc. Write whatever comes into your mind, and don’t judge or censor what comes out. Or pick 50 words at random from a newspaper or dictionary, and make them into a story or poem.

Take pictures with your eyes closed, or shoot from the hip or floor. You can also change the focus, or zoom in while shooting.

These are just a few. I have many more. Some of these are from the October Creativity Challenge. If you’ve thought of joining the challenge, it’s not too late. There are still 21 days left to enjoy.


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