Some people seem to think there are too many gods and do everything they can to reduce the number of gods and goddesses in Asatru as much as possible. The look long and hard for similarities, which they then say prove that a group of gods or goddesses were one and the same.

One such example is Freyja. She has many names, as the other major players in the pantheon, but I don’t think that justifies saying she’s the same as Frigg, Gullveig or Heið. The reasons for the Freyja-Frigg connection seems to be:

  • their sexuality
  • their association with fertility
  • their use of magic
  • the falcon hamr
  • and their husbands, Oðinn, and Oðr

There are many arguments against them being one and the same, for example, the fact that Freyja is of the Vanir, and Frigg of the Æsir. The reasons for the connection to Gullveig seems to be that she was of the Vanir, and the name Gullveig is connected to gold. As for the connection to Heið, the only thing connecting them seems to be Seiðr. Another example of this is people saying Oðr and Oðinn are one and the same. The reason here seems only to be etymology. These are my own opinions, based on my own research. I don’t claim to be an expert in this field. What’s your opinion on this? Should we look for these similarities and try to reduce the total number of Gods and Goddesses, or should we let them be separate personas?

This post is part of the Pagan Blog Project, created by Rowan Pendragon.

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