I was going to write about something completely different tonight, but when we were returning home from the pool, I made a huge mistake, and I’m suffering the consequences.

That’s where the heathen profanities come from.

I didn’t take my Yaktrax off when we went indoors, and when going down the stone staircase, I slipped and fell, with my left hand on the railing. This made my arm go further up than it should, fast, and I could feel something tearing in my shoulder. Stupid thing to do, to hurt myself like that. So easily avoided!

It hurt like Hel, to put it simply. The worst of the pain is gone now, but I suddenly regained a lot of backwards mobility in the shoulder. I think the stitches holding the fold in my joint capsule might have ruptured. I’m going to take it easy tonight, and call the surgeon tomorrow, to hear what I need to do about it.

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