I’m busy creating Viking things for this weekend’s Viking Market in Trondheim. My procrastination got me her, so I can’t complain. But I will be incredibly busy the next couple of days.

My todo list for the next 2 days (besides day-to-day stuff)

  • Cut and sew 2 Viking age dresses. (I’m making one for me and one for Lilith.)
  • Make adjustments to the two dresses I already have.
  • Print and put up posters about the Viking Market.
  • Bake bread for the market.
  • Check that all the gear is ok.
  • Make a new necklace. (Lost a bunch of beads in the shower last year.)
  • Find a hairdo fitting a Viking age witch that my shoulders can do.
  • Pack everything into the smaller car.
  • Take my daughter to her soccer game.
  • Go to the movies with my daughter. (Promised her to go and watch Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants this week.)
  • Get the other to the shop and wait while they check it over.
  • Buy a new bra. (Couldn’t use my refund in their web shop.)
  • Go to the library. (Returning books and borrowing new ones for Lilith.)
  • Pick up the market token. (So I can go to the concert.)
  • Go to a Wardruna concert. (I’ll be reporting on this on Cackle Cackle Boom.)
  • Create a new painting. (This might have to wait until next week.)
  • Write three blog posts. (If the painting has to wait, so will one of the posts.)
  • Write a letter to my list.
  • Set up more tweets.
  • Have a Creative Kickstart Session with a lady.
  • Change permissions on the server so I can upload from my phone. (I promise to post some pictures from the market in my newsletter on Saturday.)

I just spent an hour looking for my beads as well. The gnomes hid them well 😉 I will not wait until last minute next year. I’ve learned my lesson (yeah right, but I’m working on it). I love going to the market. Reenactment is fun, but I also love the period, the history, and most of all the people. I have a lot of friends in this group, and I don’t get to see them very often. So I’m making the most of my housekeeper vacation.

What do you love to do to get away?


  1. Sibylle

    That sounds like so much fun! And that to-do list is impressive, haha 🙂 I’m looking forward to this year’s pictures.

    Myself, I don’t like to get away as much, because I’m away from home more than I like anyway and the best thing I can think of is to be with my budgies!

    • Linda Ursin

      I understand that 🙂 I’ll be posting pictures for you


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