This Tarot reading was done for a woman who is growing her business. She wanted to know if her business will be successful this year. Getting that kind of information from the cards can be tricky, especially since it depends on your definition of success. It may be different from the definition the Universe has.

This is the answer the cards gave: You have a need for new things, for positive energy, but you have to provide the completion. You tend to get distracted, try to be more focused. You need to make a final effort to reach the goal.

New beginnings are coming with a deeper meaning, but in some way you’re resisting to do what it takes. Take action on what you learn. (There’s also some relation to writing.)

There’s a need for gentleness, softness, kindness. Both to yourself and others. Don’t take it hard if you don’t have enough energy. Nobody’s strong all the time. Take care of yourself, or you may not have enough energy for this. Don’t lose patience with yourself or what you do. You’re stronger than you think. Do what it takes to find a balance between work and life.

You’ve had your challenges, had to stand up for your choices. Choose your conflicts. You’re breaking new ground right now, but better times will come. Something’s preventing you from saying or doing what you should. Don’t be afraid to to explain your position. Stand on your ground and make your voice heard. Be independent and think for yourself. Overcome the fear and do it anyway. Don’t let what you worry about take over. You worry that you may have to try several different things before you find what is right for you. Look within to find your passions.

Things started long ago are beginning to bear fruit. You will get the result of your investment. You’ll be experiencing major success after some difficulties. Good choices bring rewards. Your efforts are seen, appreciated and respected. Give yourself some credit. You have the right to feel strong and proud. What speaks in your favor is your strength and insight. The result will be positive.

You will have a feeling of freedom and self-expression. Make a real effort to remember what’s positive. It’s a good time to be social. You need to listen to that inner child of yours.

This is the essence of the answers I gave here. We had a really good time talking during our session. If you want your own reading, just click the button below. It will take you to my reading page.

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